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11 Jan, 2019 |

Achmea IM joins forces in private equity

Asset manager Achmea Investment Management and pension providers Blue Sky Group and SPF Beheer join forces in private equity. They will together make co-investments, which are part of their private equity program that they carry out for their pension fund clients.


The cooperation involves direct investments in non-listed companies together with Dutch and foreign private equity houses. Compared to investing in private equity funds, both management and performance costs are saved with co-investments.


It is the first time in the Netherlands that parties cooperate in this area. The three parties have jointly drawn up the conditions that match the wishes of the participating pension funds. In doing so, they achieve a strong reduction in costs compared to regular private equity investments, while they have more influence on the content of the program.


SPJ advises Achmea IM in the field of media relations.


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