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11 Jul, 2018 |

Restart WakaWaka

TSM Business School (TSM) has facilitated a restart of WakaWaka after bankruptcy. TSM takes over the brand name and the remaining stocks of the producer of efficient lamps and telephone chargers on solar energy. TSM will use its expertise in business administration and leadership development to make WakaWaka future-proof.

Albert-Jan Postma, director / owner of the Freia Group, of which TSM is a part, comments on the restart: "WakaWaka is an innovative company with sustainable and socially relevant principles that has come into financial problems due to managerial challenges. For the TSM training program, WakaWaka is a wonderful and special case. Sustainably furthering WakaWaka perfectly fits in the TSM training program."

Albert-Jan Postma founded AOG Holding 25 years ago as a joint venture with the University of Groningen (RUG). He developed AOG into a successful public/private partnership within the Freia Group, the network of training and training companies of which he is the owner.


Freia includes TSM Business School, AOG School of Management and Comenius Courses (all three 50% RUG), IBO Qualified Business School, NIVE Training, Horizon Training & Development and Van Harte & Lingsma.

SPJ supports Freia Group in communications.


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