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29 Nov, 2018 |

The right path in cross-border deals

Communicators play a more central role than ever before in getting cross-border deals done.  Charting a path through changing regulations, new political realities and local nuances is vital to any successful transaction. 


AMO Global, the global network of strategic communication agencies, has created a communicator’s workbook to help global leaders begin to understand what works and what doesn’t around the world. Whether it is a bid for a foreign company or a foreign bid on your own company.


In the workbook, AMO specialists in the field of mergers and acquisitions advise on how to deal with takeover processes anywhere in the world. And how communication can contribute to the success of cross-border transactions.


SPJ has been part of AMO Global since 2008 and has advised as a network partner in a series of cross-border transactions.


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